About us

Islamic Board Game

Who we are:

We are TIK Nizamiya, a small but creative team of students who decided that there has been a lack of Islamic board games for a long time in the world. In just a few months, we have organized and designed this game. We are very grateful to all the people who have helped our project to become real. We are already working on our next projects and are looking forward to launching more educational board games.

Our motto is ‘LEARN WITH FUN’ because we want to connect learning and fun with our games.

About us:

Our team works with euphoria and passion on educational games for young and old, especially for the younger generations. Many mosques, Muslim institutions and parents find it difficult to find games where they can communicate the Islamic faith and cultural identity in an entertaining way.

“Board Game of Kaaba” was born out of the realization that children from Islamic institutions wanted an innovation in teaching and a break with traditional learning. While we were teaching the children, we recognized the gaps: they want to enjoy learning, something they can come into direct contact with and learn together with their friends. This led to the idea and finally to the development of “Board Game of Kaaba”. So that the younger and older generations can have an exciting and entertaining learning experience.

As technology advances, interpersonal communication becomes weaker day by day. Children sink into a digitalized world while their parents have their hands full with their smartphones. Therefore, we decided to develop an educational board game in order to teach the children the Islamic faith with fun and games and to strengthen the family relationship and communication among each other.

Our board games will be released in different languages to connect the language of the country where Muslims live with the faith. In this way we promote integration and the danger of loss of identity. With a board game, which brings Islam closer to the children, we can keep them away from the false radical views of Islam at a young age and ensure that they learn the true path of Islam in an entertaining way. To this end, we have integrated in the game crucial Koran verses about peace and tolerance towards fellow human beings.

In order to cover a wide spectrum of Islamic teachings and to be able to impart a broad knowledge to all generations in an entertaining way, further games will follow, which are currently in the development phase. Of course, the game will not replace the value of a textbook, but it will respond to the urge for more knowledge and serve as a supplement to the acquisition of knowledge.

Thanks to everyone for the support!

TIK Nizamiya